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4th-Sep-2011 09:37 am - one; {audio
[Asch is only mildly sure where he is, but he dislikes it already. Every little thing annoys, grates, pushes him further into the heady spiral of his own frustration.

He wants to be back, away, home.

Home where there’s still a war to be stopped, a “villain” to be vanquished, and a life to pretend he wants to reclaim. Away from Auldrant – hell, being away from Daath or Baticul is enough to set his teeth on edge and edge him closer and closer to a flaring temper, possibly over the edge.

He’s never been good at controlling his temper. Tedium and idleness weigh him down, bare hands make a man so –

No. He catches himself there, refusing to let himself finish the thought. Asch refuses to quote him, to take inspiration from that man, no matter where he is.

Too alone with his own rising anger to concentrate, Asch fumbles with his communicator for a few moments before turning on the audio function.

If this place isn’t a trick, then tell me how to return to Daath! [An entire pilgrim-esque community living a fonic and currency free life on their own labour? What do you mean that’s not just a ploy to confuse him?] This isn’t funny! I need to stop Van.

[There’s a brief hum of the feed, before - ]

-- can’t do it on his own.

22nd-Jul-2011 11:21 am - innumerable; hmd
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22nd-Jul-2011 09:29 am - innumerable; application
Player Name: Jes
Player LJ: threnoder
Contact: bedlam at plurk.
Character Number: Third.

Character: Asch the Bloody / Luke fon Fabre (the original)
Fandom: Tales of the Abyss

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